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Power Surge


Power Surge

Healing an ally or performing a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance to grant 282 Power for <<1>> seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds. It will not trigger inside of PvP areas.




Used by

Triggered by equipping an item (1)

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Ability activation
Power Surge
hk51assassinatePower Surge – Power increased.
Power Surge
  • [hidden] [does not expire]
    hk51assassinateEffect #1

    • When NPC with this effect deals damage (weapon mode 1)
      that does not get reflected (30% chance)
    • On Healing DealtTags = ???Tag Exclusions = ???Actor = ???Spell Type = ???Proc Chance Percent = ???Rate Limit Interval = ???Initial Delay = ???Results = ???

    Only when the following conditions are met:

      • <
        • If PRIMARY TARGET is alive
        • If TARGET does not have 1 or more effects with the tag tag.​abl.​pvp.​doing_pvp
          Error message: This item can not be used in PvP areas
        • If TARGET does not have 1 or more effects with the tag tag.​abl.​itm.​relic.​lockout.​power applied by TARGET

    Perform the following actions:

    • Add effect #2 to TARGET from TARGET
    • Add effect #3 to TARGET from TARGET
  • [6s]
    hk51assassinatePower Surge
    Power increased.

    • On Apply

    Perform the following actions:

    • Play appearance epp . itm . relic . onhit . dps_power . gray, dependent on calling effect
    • Modify stat Power, increase by 282
  • [hidden] [20s]
    hk51assassinateEffect #3