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Rocket Boost


Rocket Boost

Activates a personal jet propulsion unit that increases your movement speed by 110% for 12 seconds. Cannot use while in combat.




Used by

Used by
  • apc.legacy.jetpack

Related effects, buffs and debuffs

  • [does not expire]
    determinationRocket Boost
    Movement speed increased by 110%.

    • On Apply

    Perform the following actions:

    • Summon a mount
    • Set movement speed to 210%
    • Play appearance epp . legacy . jetpack . cast_instant, dependent on calling effect
    • When CASTER enters combat
    • When an ability is activated by Unknown ()

    Perform the following actions:

    • Remove this effect
    • Just before this effect is removed

    Perform the following actions:

    • Dispel all effects
    • Play appearance epp . player . sprint_finish, dependent on calling effect