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Alliance Intelligence Report: Attack on the Senate Tower

Subject: Plot to Attack Senate Tower
Status: Thwarted

Investigations into the origins of Commander Kallin's plot are ongoing. After tracing the source of the explosives, we have ruled out that they were stolen from evidence lockups or purchased from any local criminal groups. Kallin's connections to former Chancellor Saresh are well documented, so it seems likely that he may have acquired the explosives through a mutual underworld contact.

The slicing expertise necessary to gather so many combat droids is another point of concern. The methodology employed seems to match SIS techniques; these skills may have been acquired from another mutual contact with Saresh, though she was never particularly popular within that agency.

Regardless, perhaps the most troubling aspect of the situation was its complexity and sophistication. Kallin has never been noted as a particularly surreptitious individual, preferring brute force tactics in most of his recorded operations. His psychological profile does not seem to match a false flag operation of this kind.