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Alliance Intelligent Report: Commander Tassar

Subject: Commander Tassar
Status: Terminated

Battalion Commander Tassar was the foremost architect of the Star Fortress program, employing her combination of scientific genius and strategic expertise in subjugating the larger portion of the Core Worlds for nearly half a decade. Of course, as our Alliance has proven, even the most brilliant designs can be compromised, and Tassar's esteem among the Zakuulan elite fell along with her battle stations.

Tassar chose exile rather than face the direct judgment of her Eternal Empress, and was joined by her most loyal troops. A cult of personality formed around her, with her followers becoming increasingly zealous in their beliefs that Tassar was the one true hope for Zakuul's future. It's unclear if Tassar herself shared in this belief or merely exploited it to continue the work that had become her sole fixation: shoring up her Star Fortress designs to be completely indestructible. If her work had been completed, the integration of Rakatan self-repairing technology would have made Tassar's new Star Fortress truly formidable.

Most of Tassar's data was destroyed, but our agents did discover one point of interest: Tassar's discovery of Rakata Prime and its technologies appears to have resulted from the interception of one of our own transports, which was carrying samples to Doctor Oggurobb for study. Investigation of that incident will be expanded immediately.