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Commissioner Jonah Carter (Bounty Hunter)

Before the war, Corellian Security Force Commissioner Jonah Carter was a paragon of the community--a white knight with rough edges who wasn't afraid to tackle rampant corruption within CorSec or the government. Carter's wits, brazen demeanor and iron will made him more than a match for most of Corellia's criminal scum and dirty officials, as well as endeared him to his officers and the general public.

Whether those traits were what made Commissioner Carter impervious to both political power plays and assassination attempts is anyone's guess, but no one was able oust him in over a decade of service--including the Empire. Since surviving the political purge that preceded the Imperial takeover of the Corellian government, Commissioner Carter has become a leader of the civil uprising attempting to push the Imperials off of Corellia--a burden he's taken up with enthusiasm.