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Corellian Run Scoundrels

Few trade routes have become as precious to interstellar commerce as the hyperlane known as the Corellian Run. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Corellian Run is also highly attractive to criminals. But of all those who rob, ransack and hijack, only one crew dares to take its name after the route itself.

As one might expect from a gang of smugglers named the "Corellian Run Scoundrels", they typically scoff at honor and kindness while swaggering with naked arrogance. The legend persists that one of the Scoundrels' most notorious captains, Kai Zykken, once kidnapped the adult daughter of Denon corporate magnate Viril Shu--not for ransom, but to woo her so she'd marry him into Shu's fortune. Zykken was reportedly--and not at all surprisingly--unsuccessful in his plan.