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Darth Ikoral

For decades, Darth Ikoral's name has been a byword for determination and sacrifice in the Sith Empire. Born into an old line of red-skinned, pureblooded Sith, Ikoral was able to trace his ancestry almost as far back as King Adas's time. Ikoral survived many battles and trials, even earning the notice of the Emperor himself--but Ikoral claimed his achievements were merely proof of pureblood superiority. It was said that he was so devoted to purity that he would not even tolerate alien slaves in his household.

Ikoral convinced the Dark Council to allow an expedition to search for pureblooded Sith outside the Empire--Sith who fled Korriban after the Great Hyperspace War and did not escape with the Emperor to Dromund Kaas. When Ikoral failed to return, he was celebrated as a martyr, but it seems Ikoral succeeded in his search.

However, the Empire has changed in the last seventy years. Appalled by the Empire's peace with the Republic and sickened by the appearance of aliens in the Sith Order, Darth Ikoral now leads his fellow purebloods to cleanse the galaxy by fire.