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Darvannis: Vassal World of the Eternal Empire

The desert planet of Darvannis meant little to both the Sith Empire and the Republic. When the Eternal Empire invaded the remote world, only the Hutt Cartel's hired mercenaries were present to fend them off. The Eternal Fleet easily drove the Hutts away and claimed the planet.

Now Darvannis is home to one of the largest factories in Zakuul's possession, manufacturing ships, weapons, and the countless Spire droids. Located beneath kilometers of tunnels and heavily defended, the Darvannis factory has been impenetrable since it fell into the Eternal Empire's hands. Even the Hutts grudgingly admit the Empire has done extraordinary things with the desolate planet. When asked, however, the Cartel insist they presented Darvannis as a gift to Zakuul, desperate for the galaxy to think they still hold a measure of power.