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Delicacies from the Demon Moon

Often overshadowed by political intrigue and stories of war is one of Onderon's most noteworthy figures, the innovative culinary artisan, Chef Popotis of Iziz. In early years, Popotis had become disgruntled with typical Onderonian fare. The native beasts were tough and gamey, yielding generally bland results, and the indifference of his peers only frustrated him further. Popotis was certain that his home would become synonymous with dreary food and dull palates, until an attack on a supply shuttle changed his life.

Gazing from his apartment window, he watched as wild Drexls picked through the downed ship's cargo. The creatures gnawed at boxes of provisions and tore into bags of powdered goods, producing clouds of various seasonings and spices among the wreckage.

Reignited zeal drove Popotis to achieve what others never believed possible: flavorful sustenance derived from Dxun's creatures. Ultimately, years of experimentation paid off, and he became one of Onderon's most distinguished chefs. From Popo's Sweet Drexl Sausage in Nectarwine to Spiced Cannok Canapes, Popotis's artistry with undesirable fauna made him known galaxy-wide. Even beyond the Inner Rim, his catalogue of recipes, "Delicacies from the Demon Moon," became a bestseller.