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Galactic History 91: The Syndicate Wars

To the galaxy's underworld, war means profit. As the Republic and Sith Empire clashed, the Hutt-affiliated Rath Cartel and the upstart Vandelhelm Combine competed to smuggle weapons to the highest bidder in what were later called the Syndicate Wars.

When both sides hired powerful mercenaries, the rivalry spiraled out of control. Eventually the fighting spilled over into a "back door" trade corridor controlled by the notorious Nok Drayen, a gangster who had destroyed half the Hutt Cartel in a single night.

With his profits in danger, Nok Drayen swiftly retaliated against both factions. The Rath Cartel and the Vandelhelm Combine soon realized they were out of their depth, as Nok Drayen called in favors from dangerous Gank mercenaries, renegade Hutts and even Imperial officials. Finally Nok Drayen attacked Vandelhelm's headquarters, while simultaneously having the leader of the Rath Cartel assassinated. When the Syndicate Wars were over, every credit Vandelhelm and the Rath Cartel had earned went into Nok Drayen's pocket.