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Galactic History 93: The Mandalorian Schism

The Great Hunt--a test of skill, valor and daring--has been a Mandalorian tradition for generations. After the Mandalorian defeat at the Hydian Way, Mandalore organized a Great Hunt to inspire and unite his people. The winner, Artus, challenged Mandalore to a duel and shot him dead. Artus then claimed the title of Mandalore himself, reaffirming the alliance with the Sith Empire.

Several Mandalorian clans, led by the renowned warrior Jicoln Cadera, disagreed. Centuries before, Mandalore the Preserver had fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Jedi and led his people to glory; Jicoln and his clans argued that they should ally with the Republic. When Artus refused, Jicoln Cadera led the clans in an uprising against him.

The two men fought a bloody campaign, but Artus eventually prevailed. He broke the rebels, seizing their armor and ordering their children adopted into other clans. Jicoln Cadera escaped into exile, leaving Artus unchallenged.