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Galactic History 95: A Cold War Begins

With the Treaty of Coruscant signed, the war was officially over. But recalling vast armies took time. Meanwhile, many individuals on both sides either didn't believe the treaty was real, or refused to accept it. Skirmishes continued for months, including a bombing attack on the Senate tower.

The Republic had earned a reprieve. Although the war had crippled its military, the Republic quietly poured resources into training small but elite Special Forces squads. Blamed in part for not preventing the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi Order left for its ancient homeworld, Tython. There, in secret, the order could rebuild.

With its resources no longer stretched by galactic conquest, the Sith Empire began to secure its new holdings, its citizens jubilant at their victory. However, questions still lingered about why the Empire had not destroyed the Republic when it had the chance. The galaxy settled into an uncertain peace, with both sides watching for any betrayal.