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History of Iokath: Entry 1

TEST REPORT 089375.24

Deployment of new designs on test environment JX967A24 were within acceptable parameters. Our three initial dropship waves suffered heavy losses before planetfall. Test subject resistance was unexpectedly heavy, conflicting with prior scout reports indicating minimal military forces. The subjects deployed single-pilot aerial countermeasures to intercept us, but that self-sacrifice appears to be the full extent of their response.

Total time to planetwide surrender was 28 standard hours. Our master designer should be honored for this significant improvement over the last three test environments. Survivors received our standard compensation package, but damage to their civilization's infrastructure is extensive. Analysts estimate it will be at least 2,000 years before we can test this world again. Our scouts are already searching nearby systems for fresh prospects.

- Lead Design Analyst Yuv Kal Zaer



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