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Malita Tal

A teen idol turned superstar, Malita Tal has been a household name on Zakuul for most of her life. Though millions watch her HoloNet performances, it's her humanitarian and environmental work that truly inspires her devoted fans. The singer's dedication to preserving Zakuul's wildlife led to the creation of the Malita Tal Environmentalism Award, celebrating efforts to restore natural ecosystems.

Malita was one of the first Zakuulans to publicly speak against Emperor Arcann's rule. When her fans followed her lead and organized rallies opposing Arcann, terrorist correspondence was suddenly discovered on Malita's personal holoterminal, likely planted by Zakuulan officials. Malita's exile from Zakuul on suspicion of treason divided her fans. While some condemn their former icon as a traitor, many supporters remain hopeful she will return.