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Manaan Visitor's Center: Exploration Dome

Prior to the advent of the Third Galactic War, trade between Manaan and both the Republic and Empire boomed. The destruction left in the wake of the Eternal Empire's occupation led to a galaxy-wide resource crisis, which meant buyers were ready to pay any price for healing substances--especially kolto. The Selkath were all too happy to oblige.

The Selkath's trade agreements grew in profitability, even as peace throughout the galaxy grew more secure with each passing year. Eventually, the people of Manaan slowly adopted a more open and accepting view of outsiders.

Since travel to the water-covered world grew at a rate not seen since the Devastation of Manaan, high-ranking government officials created a department within the Office of Extraplanetary Relations to preserve, promote, and share the Selkath's culture with visitors. The Department of Selkath Ethnology employs dedicated docents, curators, lecturers, and field guides who welcome and educate interested tourists.

The department's crown jewel is the Exploration Dome, located below the surface at Manaan's Visitor Center. Here, species from all walks of life can personally experience the many beautiful flora and fauna that form the basis of Manaan's remarkable ecosystems--all without needing to breathe underwater.