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Mandalorian Death Ceremony

The Mandalorian death ceremony--kote kyr'am or "glory death"--is reserved for those who die with the highest honor. Traditionally, only warriors who have fallen to Jedi or faced impossible odds are awarded the kote kyr'am.

To ensure the warrior's spirit can join those of other Mandalorian paragons, the body is burned on an elevated pyre. Clan members send shouts into the sky, bellowing war cries and retelling feats. The night becomes a celebration of drunken feasting and brawling in honor of the dead.

The only non-Mandalorian to receive the kote kyr'am was Lord Raze, a Sith warrior who fell while singlehandedly rescuing a Mandalorian clan from a battalion of twenty Jedi on Dantooine. The clan was so moved by her skill and fearlessness, they broke tradition and honored her as a fallen sister. No outsider has received such a distinction since.