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Nathema Zealots

A secretive group of powerful Force-sensitives, the Nathema Zealots live in total isolation on the blighted world. Founded by Valkorion, the Nathema Zealots are among the only Force-sensitive beings able to withstand the horrors of the void through a regime of daily rituals and intense meditation. However, while their mental conditioning focuses their power, it simultaneously erodes their free will.

This was not accidental, as Valkorion sought to create an army of completely subservient yet incredibly powerful Force users. However, one unexpected side effect was that the Nathema Zealots grew dependent on the void for their existence, and became catatonic if they left Nathema's surface.

Hoping to extract some value from his failed experiment, Valkorion used the Nathema Zealots as wardens for the prisoners he sent to Nathema's Sanitarium. He also recruited the Anomid scientist Jarak to study their mental conditioning so he could use it to control his daughter Vaylin.



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