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Royal Hunting Lodge

Hunting the ferocious beasts of Onderon has been a time-honored tradition for many generations of the planet's ruling families. Social calendars are filled with festivals dedicated to the hunt, and nobles often use stories recounting the size and challenge of their prey as symbols of rank and status. Although reality for many of Onderon's citizens means never venturing beyond the safety of city walls, the nobility erects lavish outposts to ensure access to their favored pastime.

The royal hunting lodge near Onderon's capital city was a gift from Queen Lina to her son, Petryph, on the eve of his first hunt after coming of age. The sprawling villa was once adorned with quarry hunted by the late queen herself, but over time, more and more of these trophies have been replaced. The winding hallways of the lodge are filled with non-native creatures "cut down during the king's many hunts across the galaxy," though only a few in Petryph's inner circle have ever known him to leave the planet.

As of late, the royal hunting lodge has become King Petryph's preferred residence, much to the dismay of those concerned with the ruler's apathetic approach toward his responsibilities.