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Shae Vizla: Bounty Hunter

Even among Mandalorians, Shae Vizla is legendary. In her younger years, she was a ruthless bounty hunter, racking up high-profile kills, from crime lords to politicians.

Her brutal assassination of Senator Keenig caught the attention of Darth Malgus himself, earning her a partnership with the Sith Empire. Shae's skill and efficiency led her to join the Empire's biggest campaigns against the Republic. She was present for the assault on Alderaan--according to rumors, she saved Malgus from certain death. Regardless, she earned Malgus's trust enough to play a vital role in the sacking of Coruscant.

After over a decade working for the Empire, Shae retired to Rishi, where she earned the local nickname "Torch." She carefully avoided the war and distanced herself from the Mandalorians until the Eternal Empire's invasion thrust her back into the fray once again.