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Temple of the Progenitor

"Day One: Just arrived. Exhausted. Hungry. Frightened. This place is nothing like home--too much water.

Day Six: One of our host archaeologists, Taasi, clings to my side. I can barely turn around without running into him. I think he could sense how uneasy I was--he has been very reassuring.

He's shown me all around the dig site and invited me to join him and his colleagues for meals. They've been amazingly forthcoming about ancient Selkath customs. Taasi also explained a great deal about the temple nearby and its importance to Selkath culture. It's all reignited the passion I thought I'd lost by coming here.

Day Fifteen: Taasi and I walked to the farthest edge of the dome after the morning meal. For the first time since I arrived, I had a pleasant conversation about something other than old pieces of stone and how they might have been used. It was lovely, even though we mostly spoke about how we came to do our jobs.

Taasi said it's difficult for Selkath to leave Manaan, not that many want to. Once upon a time, he looked to the stars and dreamed of exploring other worlds. When he realized it was impossible, he turned to the depths of his home instead, intent on learning all their secrets.

Day Thirty-One: Tomorrow, Taasi wants to take me somewhere 'very important': the Temple of the Progenitor. A place so sacred for the Selkath... it is said that this is where their worship of the great Progenitor originated. I do not believe any outsider has ever set foot inside the temple. To be invited to see it is an honor and a privilege so... so... This gesture is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. There are no words to adequately describe how gracious and welcoming Taasi has been, but I really should try to tell him..."

-From a datapad containing the personal journal of Doctor Ayturr Odock