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The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

Conflict rages across the galaxy, and for many, entertainment and frivolity have taken a backseat. But a little thing like war won't be enough to stop the wildest swoop gangs from celebrating the biggest show on the circuit in over one hundred years.

Emerging from their usual underground stadiums, swoop riders and their most dedicated fans have descended on a multitude of planets for the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally, an event intended to show citizens of the galaxy the virtues of swoop riding--like how to have the time of their lives!

Though resources are scarce, swoop crews are nothing if not resourceful. Explosives, blasters, and souped-up gadgets scavenged from decommissioned starships and downed shuttles are all utilized by swoop gangs to make their bikes the fastest and fiercest of them all. The Rally's challenge courses, vendor stalls, and spectator stands can be erected and deconstructed in the blink of an eye.

Anyone daring enough to test their swoop skills against these veteran riders has an open invitation to participate in the Rally, but only those who can make the crowd go wild will reap the rewards!