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The Dagger at Dox Piter

Dox Piter was a small collection of villages in Onderon's southern reaches, nestled around the base of a nigh unscalable spire of rock the villagers called "The Dagger." Well beyond the protection of Iziz, the inhabitants were accustomed to fending off the dangers of Onderon--until the day the great winged Wodnakki arrived from Dxun. The beast found the Dagger's peak irresistible, and it began nesting high above Dox Piter. Though the villages' protectors had never seen its like before, some speculated that it was a massive, mutated Skreev. Whatever its lineage, it proved too much for any warrior who attempted to drive it away.

The horrors escalated when the Wodnakki's eggs began to hatch. The newborn creatures (still easily the size of an average humanoid) took to swooping down on villagers and stealing them away to their unreachable roost. The village leaders of Dox Piter were certain this would be their end.

When news of the situation reached Queen Lina, the celebrated ruler gathered some of her most talented warriors and marched on Dox Piter. Succeeding where so many others had failed, Queen Lina and her Royal Guard took the fight to the top of the Dagger and clashed with the Wodnakki and its offspring. Though the battle lasted only a few hours, at its end, only two of Onderon's champions walked away victorious. Queen Lina carried her injured officer Nebet into one of the closest villages, where they were met with cacophonous cheers and renewed loyalty to the crown. Regardless of the tale's validity, the legend of Queen Lina and the Dagger at Dox Piter has fueled fears and inspiration of Onderonian children for years since.