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The Dark Legacy of Yavin 4: Part V

Jedi Master Arlo Grennen's final journal entry during his investigation into the dark side's influence on Yavin 4:

"I thought I would find Exar Kun. I believed like a fool that I might be next in line. I felt its pull, the dark side. I yearned for it. Yearned to be taught everything, to become more than what I am.

"What I found instead, what found me, is exquisite. Terrifying. Perfect. Perfect.

"Revan is coming. I vowed to do everything in my power to stop Revan, but he does not want me to. He chose this place, he knew this day would come, knew the very core of me, everything.

"Vitiate, I will make you stronger, I will grant you the only sustenance I know to give, I will become a part of your glory. It's going to be so beautiful I only wish I could live to see"



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