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The Fall of Mandalore the Vindicated

Firsthand account from Ralia of Clan Lok:

The Skytroopers surrounded us. Two dozen, blasters aimed at our heads. We had already begun our death roar.

And then Mandalore the Vindicated cut through them, scattering their metal parts. He ordered us to rejoin the clan and leave the Skytroopers to him. But the droids had called for backup; suddenly, dozens were swarming him.

Mandalore dismantled them two at a time with a war cry like thunder. They kept coming, waves and waves, till we could no longer see him. I started to charge forward, but Droga stopped me. "He's already gone."

He was Ardus Lok. My brother, our Mand'alor. And he fell to machines. He will not be honored.

I pray to Kad Ha'rangir this pointless war will end soon.