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Portrait: companions/fe/beywan_aygo

Bey'wan Aygo

The Staunch Admiral

From his birth, Bey'wan Aygo's artistic parents nurtured him to follow in their footsteps. But ever since, as a young Bothan, he first spied a space battle through a telescope over his homeworld, the only art Aygo has wanted to practice is that of interstellar combat.

Bey'wan first made a name for himself at the Battle of Kuat, and has since impressed his superiors with his fresh, innovative tactics. When Arcann invaded the Core Worlds, Bey'wan was quick to put together a variety of initiatives to counter the Eternal Empire's assault. His plans were stonewalled by Chancellor Saresh, who was more interested in continuing her war against the Sith. When he protested Saresh's orders, he was discharged. However, his yelling did attract the attention of Theron Shan, who approached him to become the Alliance military specialist.




This companion will have the following missions available for you as soon as their conditional is met.

ConditionalMissionTravel location
rusk_alertBonds of Duty4611686027681070173
lokin_recruitmentA Kindly Old Monster4611686023868513034
is_recruitableStalking the Score4611686025038950088
zenith_recruitableDeep Strike4611686027681070173
alert_eligibilityVector's Vector4611686023868513034
alert_eligibilityJail Broken4611686303496684003
alert_eligibilityFeel the Wrath4611686303496684003

Travel to companion

If you meet this conditional, you'll be able to travel to this companion at the given location.

ConditionalTravel location

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