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Commodore Pardax

The Calculating Fleet Commander

Meticulous and driven, Commodore Tessa Pardax has never met a puzzle she couldn't solve or a challenge she didn't savor conquering. Although she is a die-hard supporter of the Empire's goals, she believes in pure meritocracy, to the point that she has often dismissed or ignored the commands of powerful Sith she deemed incompetent. This held her career back and saw her assigned to training posts as often as front line command positions. However, this "punishment" ultimately worked in Pardax's favor, as her students consistently outperformed their peers in live combat scenarios; her training simulations have become the standard by which all potential officers are now judged, and she has been deemed one of the Empire's foremost strategic and tactical minds.

Eager to put her own skills back to the test, Pardax officially retired from her teaching position in order to join the Alliance, where she hopes to see her innovations put to more direct use in aiding the Empire's goals without the interference of petty Sith politics.



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