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Portrait: companions/fe/doctor_oggurobb

Juvard Illip Oggurobb

Artist of Technology

Few engineers can boast to have singlehandedly ignited a war with the power of their genius, but Doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb is a Hutt quite unlike any other. A master of engineering, both as a discipline and an art form, it was Dr. Oggurobb who invented the theories and designs behind isotope-5 technology. While his true specialty lies in droid design, Dr. Oggurobb's brilliance extends to most any technical field, his genius matched only by his boldness of personality, and his passion for "technical artistry."

Dr. Oggurobb is your alliance's engineering specialist, leading the group's research and development efforts.




This companion will have the following missions available for you as soon as their conditional is met.

ConditionalMissionTravel location
yuun_recruitmentTo Find A Findsman4611686303496684003
talos_recruitmentFighting Power With Knowledge4611686351101817002
alert_unlockReclaimed Treasure4611686351101817002
alert_eligibilityArma Rasa4611686303496684003
alert_eligibilityLong-Awaited Genius4611686303496684003

Travel to companion

If you meet this conditional, you'll be able to travel to this companion at the given location.

ConditionalTravel location

Used in conditionals

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