Posted 8 years ago

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Getting started with Fallen Empire (spoilers!)

After four months of waiting, the new expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire is finally here. This post contains the links to the new content to get you up to speed on the new content.

Chapter quests

The main story of Knights of the Fallen Empire happens in the nine chapter quests. You can start the first chapter from your personal starship.

Please keep in mind that quest pages are currently incomplete and we recommend going to TORCommunity for those. But don't leave our site just yet because we have exclusive information on:

Building your Alliance

Once you complete all nine chapters, you can start building your Alliance. Convince some of your old Companions to go back and join your crew, and gain new companions! If you want to skip this, you can get back your old companions with a terminal but keep in mind that this is non-canon and only intended for players who need quick access to their companions.

View a list of all Companions and Contacts

New flashpoint: Star Fortress

Knights of the Fallen Empire adds a new flashpoint that can be played in either solo mode or Heroic 2+ mode. You can get in overview of what you need to do in this flashpoint in this quest.

New content

If you want to explore yourself what has been added in the expansion, you can use the following links: