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Welcome to!

Welcome to! This database site tries to make your life easier by offering anything you can find in-game. If you want to know more about a NPC without having to login and walk to where it is, you can just find the information on here and share it with your friends. We also want to give you an insight into the game mechanics like abilities so you know the nitty-gritty details of how things are implemented.

Please keep in mind that the site is still a work in progress. There are tons of pages we are not happy about and will constantly improve them with dozens of hotfixes, each with zero downtime expected. Therefore, please don't be discouraged by the lack of features, there is more to come.


The following pages are mostly complete and you'll find plenty of information on them:

For other pages like quests and items/schematics, we recommend going to TorCommunity for now, they have much more information on them. Just click on the TORCommunity link in the metadata section of each page.

A very cool feature that you might miss is the tree view. No database site so far has utilized the FQN to the full extent but this is how the developers organize the files when adding new content and therefore a fast way to find something once you get used to the terms and acronyms. You can find the tree view by clicking on its icon to the right of the search bar, or by clicking on the breadcrumb navigation on an individual page.

Also a cool feature which you might overlook is that you can find any object on the page by its id. So if you are looking at your combat log and wondering what NPC or ability the number 2800357331697664 stands for, you can just go to and you will be redirected to the correct page. This works with pretty much every id and index you can find in the metadata section.

Known issues

Here is a list of known issues that we will fix shortly:

There are also tons of other small things that only require a few minutes to fix each but they do add to quite a lot of work. If it doesn't turn out to be too much work, we want to keep a list of patch notes and will post them in this news section regularily.

Future ideas

There are tons more things a database site could offer and we are far from finished. Here are some of the more daring things we want to add eventually, but no ETA at this time:

Keep in mind that most of this is more a wishlist than a schedule (think of Wall of Crazy) and each of those features will take lots of work to develop but we do believe that they are within the realms of possibility and will be useful to the players. Will it be ready a few months from now, sometime in the next few years or never at all? We don't know yet. First, we want to polish the existing features before adding new ones.

Closing remarks

We do hope that you will enjoy our site; if not now, then when more features have been added. The usefulness of our site to both the players and the developers remains our number one goal and while we have no forum right now, we encourage you to submit bug reports and offer feedback via e-mail. We want to thank all of our various partners, sponsors, friends and family for their support over the years and don't want to keep you any longer from browsing the site!