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Scanner progressif au kolto


Scanner progressif au kolto

Restaure <<1[$d point/$d point/$d points]>> de santé à une cible alliée pendant la durée de la canalisation.




Used by

Used by
  • apc.companion.class.mtx.droid.iokath_probe.healer

Related effects, buffs and debuffs

  • [hidden] [does not expire]
    emergencystimpakEffect #1

    • When effect is applied
    • When effect ticks

    Only when the following conditions are met:

      • If PRIMARY TARGET is alive

    Perform the following actions:

    • Heal the TARGET with Tech for 0,3*BonusHeal + (0,03 to 0,034)*StandardHealth, causing no threat
    • Play appearance epp . companion . weapon_set . droid . healer . channel_heal_target