Posted 7 years ago

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Five new datacron locations from Dark vs. Light event

The Dark vs. Light event, starting this Tuesday, will add five new datacrons. This guide helps you find them!

Unlike previous datacrons, they will not grant additional stats, they are only required for the event (and may be removed once the event is over).

You have located a Datacron, an ancient technology once used by the Infinite Empire.

This one is still active, but it seems different from others you have encountered.

Perhaps there are more to be found...

However, if you want to get the Legendary Level rewards, or just complete the achievement, here's where you can find the new datacrons. There's not as much jumping involved, so don't worry if you had trouble getting datacrons before.

1. Nar Shaddaa (Shadow Town, Republic only)

Position (X, Y, Z): 2243, 3051, -1538

This datacron is close to what was previously the Republic Strength datacron, but there's much less jumping involved. Take a taxi to Shadow Town, then climb up some boxes to get to Maintenance Access; once you cross the bridge, the datacron will already be in sight.

2. Voss (Desolation Pass)

Position (X, Y, Z): 132, 576, 121

The datacron is in Desolation Pass, the Dreadseed area that was added with 2.0. Take a taxi to either Gormak Lands or Nightmare Lands, then find the tunnel to enter Desolation Pass.

3. Makeb (Aboro Mesa)

Position (X, Y, Z): 3759, 1108, -164

This datacron can be found on Aboro Mesa. Imperials need to take the taxi there, Republic players need to leave the orbital station onto Avesta Plantation, and then head east. The datacron is hidden behind a house on the northern end of the mesa.

4. Ilum

Position (X, Y, Z): 118, -123, 9

Take a taxi to Imperial or Republic Waystation, then find the elevators that take you down to the Endurance datacron. The new datacron is on top of the wall to your right. Don't take the elevators down but jump onto the ice, then follow the ice to the top of the wall.

5. Oricon

Position (X, Y, Z): -369, 198, 29

This datacron is hidden on a mountain near the Imperial base, next to a crashed starship.