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Jedi Under Siege storyline (5.10)

As dataminers, we have to strike the careful balance between respecting the wishes of the developers, and fulfilling the demands of the community to see future content early.

We agree with the developers that the best way to experience the story for the first time is by playing it in-game once the patch releases. By reading purely the subtitles, you may miss small hints only visible in the cutscenes, and may misinterpret the story. Therefore, we recommend to avoid the spoilers on this page and wait until the patch releases.

Nevertheless, we know that some players do not mind spoilers and want to know the story ahead of time, even if it is incomplete or erroneous. Like Charles Boyd said, players should not read "poorly pasted together text". Therefore, we put in additional work to format the subtitles and added voice-overs. Hopefully, this time there won't be any misinterpretations of the story.

Keep in mind that Keith Kanneg explicitly stated that the developers put some red herrings in the 5.10 data. The dialogue on this page should be accurate since it has been fully-voiced and translated, though until we can fully emulate the cutscenes, we cannot be sure. Be especially careful when looking at other, text-only data from this patch as it may just be a bait and not real content.

Without further ado, a major spoiler warning for what is about to follow. Read the Imperial cutscenes below, or skip to the Republic cutscenes.

Imperial storyline

Scene 0
  1. Moff Pyron: Greetings... Commander. It has been far too long.
    • PLAYER: Moff Pyron, is that you? Last I heard, you had disappeared into the Outer Rim.
      • Moff Pyron: Indeed. I'm afraid that, in your absence, I was assigned to employ the Silencer fleet in a secret operation on behalf of Empress Acina herself.
        1. PLAYER: I'm sure you served well. I understand, Pyron. I'm glad that you're well.
          • Moff Pyron: And I have been most pleased to learn of your rise to galactic prominence.
            • Go to 100
        2. PLAYER: What kind of secret operation? Sounds intriguing--why don't you tell me about it?
          • Moff Pyron: I hope to do so--perhaps very soon.
            • Go to 100
        3. PLAYER: Time to return to my service. I'm back now--and have been for some time. You will return to my service immediately.
          • Moff Pyron: Regrettably, that won't be possible, Commander. You are a valued ally of the Empire, but I no longer report to you. My duty is elsewhere.
            1. PLAYER: A shame, but I understand. That is... unfortunate. You will always have a place at my side, should you desire it.
              • Moff Pyron: I am honored, Commander.
                • Go to 100
            2. PLAYER: Ugh, Fine. Whatever. If you haven't called to return to my side, then why have you called?
              • Go to 100
            3. PLAYER: You would dare to defy me? You can serve me, or you can suffer.
              • Moff Pyron: I am... flattered... that you find my service so desirable, but I must decline.
                1. Moff Pyron: Empress Acina has very specific plans for me. I'm certain she would take it poorly if I were to suddenly... leave.
                  • Go to 92
                2. Moff Pyron: Emperor Vowrawn has very specific plans for me. I'm certain he would take it poorly if I were to suddenly... leave.
                  • [92] PLAYER: Well, it would be a shame to upset your new master.
                    • Moff Pyron: I'm glad you agree, Commander.
                      • [100] Moff Pyron: A situation has arisen--and I believe it presents an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the Empire and your Alliance.
                        • Go to 19
  2. Moff Pyron: Greetings, Commander. I am Moff Pyron, overseer of the Sith Empire's twenty-second assault fleet.
    1. Moff Pyron: It is a tremendous honor to speak with a Sith lord of your power and stature, as always. Your past deeds as the Empire's Wrath are truly inspirational.
      • Go to 9
    2. Moff Pyron: When I asked my fellow officers to recommend someone who could... solve... difficult problems, the Champion of the Great Hunt was always their first suggestion.
      • Go to 9
    3. Moff Pyron: Though I have not been made privy to the details of your Intelligence career, what I have heard was quite impressive.
      • [9] Moff Pyron: That you have risen to the leadership of such an influential galactic faction is only fitting. I hope to strengthen the bond of friendship between your Alliance and the Empire.
        1. PLAYER: Sounds good to me. I'm glad to hear it. What exactly do you have in mind?
          • Go to 19
        2. PLAYER: What an overly-kind offer. How very kind of you. Perhaps you could tell me why you're so interested in our friendship?
          • Go to 224
        3. PLAYER: What an overly-kind offer. Well, isn't that nice. Want to tell me why you're so anxious to be friends?
          • [224] Moff Pyron: Permit me to explain.
            • Go to 19
        4. PLAYER: Don't waste time with flattery. I don't need to hear about myself. Tell me what you want or stop wasting my time.
          • [19] Moff Pyron: A small Imperial strike team is currently engaged in a covert operation on the ancient Jedi world of Ossus. I am hoping that you can provide them with some assistance.
            • PLAYER: What kind of assistance?
              • Moff Pyron: The operation is being overseen by a... younger member of the Dark Council. Darth Malora, head of Scientific Advancement.
                1. Moff Pyron: While Malora possesses a brilliant mind--not unlike Empress Acina's--she has little of our previous ruler's patience for the subtleties of military operations.
                  • Go to 240
                2. Moff Pyron: While Malora possesses a brilliant mind--not unlike Empress Acina--she has little of Acina's patience for the subtleties of military operations.
                  • [240] Moff Pyron: Malora's objective was meant to be completed by now. Pressed to deliver results, she will likely hurl troops at the problem without regard for strategy.
                    • Moff Pyron: My finest infantry soldiers, Raven Squad, are participating in the operation. It would be a great loss to the Empire if their lives were wasted.
                      1. PLAYER: Malora--that name is familiar. Malora... I believe I had dealings with her on Korriban, long ago.
                        • Moff Pyron: Ah, good. Then you'll already be one step ahead.
                          1. PLAYER: I helped her undermine her superior, and I'm not sure that debt was ever fully repaid.
                            • Moff Pyron: This would seem an opportune time to collect.
                              • Go to 42
                          2. PLAYER: I crushed her efforts to undermine her master. I doubt it ended well for her.
                            • Moff Pyron: That... may complicate matters. Unfortunately, I know of no one else capable of resolving this situation.
                              • Go to 42
                      2. PLAYER: Tell me about Darth Malora. I'm not sure I've heard of Malora before. Is there anything else you can tell me about her?
                        • Moff Pyron: She takes her work very seriously, and has little interest in outside opinions.
                          • Go to 42
                      3. PLAYER: You're a loyal leader. Your concern for your soldiers is admirable as always, Pyron.
                        • Go to 233
                      4. PLAYER: You're a loyal leader. Your concern for your soldiers is admirable.
                        • [233] Moff Pyron: Thank you. I only wish to ensure the Empire's greatest possible success in future operations.
                          • Go to 42
                      5. PLAYER: All this for a few peons? You're calling me up just to save a handful of soldiers?
                        • Moff Pyron: As I said, they are my most loyal and skillful troops. But my concern extends to the operation as a whole.
                          • [42] Moff Pyron: As a member of the Dark Council, Malora is beyond my influence. But someone like yourself, an outsider whose allegiance is greatly valued....
                            • Moff Pyron: You could accomplish much that I cannot.
                              1. PLAYER: I can investigate the situation. What is the strike team's mission on Ossus?
                                • Go to 50
                              2. PLAYER: I can look into it for you. What's the strike team's mission on Ossus?
                                • [50] Moff Pyron: The Jedi have established a secret colony on the planet. We believe they're using it to train and ready themselves for war.
                                  • Moff Pyron: The Jedi's numbers are already low. If this training compound can be destroyed, we will be at an inarguable advantage when full-scale hostilities begin.
                                    1. PLAYER: And Malora can't handle that? This seems straightforward enough. Why are you so sure Darth Malora will fail?
                                      • Moff Pyron: I do not believe she will fail. Her power is not in question. I only fear the cost of that victory.
                                        • Go to 62
                                    2. PLAYER: Can we hit them from orbit? I assume an orbital bombardment is out of the question?
                                      • Moff Pyron: Approaching Ossus is treacherous for large ships. The effort would be time consuming, allowing the Jedi opportunity to escape and creating a weakness in our fleets' disposition elsewhere.
                                        • Go to 62
                                    3. PLAYER: I do love killing Jedi. A mission to kill Jedi... it's been too long.
                                      • Moff Pyron: Indeed. When our ancient enemies are swept away, the Sith Empire's victory will be assured.
                                        • [62] Moff Pyron: I will forward all of my available data on Malora and the operation.
                                          1. Moff Pyron: Your assistance will no doubt ensure the mission's success. I am certain that Empress Acina will be most appreciative.
                                            • Go to 68
                                          2. Moff Pyron: Your assistance will no doubt ensure the mission's success. I am certain that Emperor Vowrawn will be most appreciative.
                                            • [68] Moff Pyron: Thank you for your time, Commander. I shall look forward to word of your triumph. Glory to the Empire!
                                              1. PLAYER: Glory to the Empire, Moff.
                                                • Go to 110
                                              2. PLAYER: We'll see about that, Moff....
                                                • [110] Lana Beniko: I would recommend that you travel to Ossus alone. We wouldn't want Malora or her troops to see this as a show of force, or confuse her with... unexpected allies.
                                                  1. Theron Shan: Translation: definitely don't take the former Republic spy, or anyone else they might be inclined to shoot on sight.
                                                    • Lana Beniko: It is important to make a good first impression.
                                                      • Theron Shan: Great, we're back on the haircut....
                                                        1. PLAYER: I don't like the idea of being apart from you again.
                                                          • Theron Shan: Neither do I, but this is the path forward for you. Just don't go too hard on my old babysitters, huh?
                                                            • Go to 118
                                                        2. Go to 123
                                                        3. Go to 118
                                                  2. PLAYER: Meaning Alliance members from the Republic?
                                                    • Lana Beniko: Precisely.
                                                      1. [123] PLAYER: Surely you could come with me, Lana.
                                                        • Lana Beniko: I would love nothing more, but I'm not especially popular with my fellow Sith. I don't know Malora, but I'd rather not chance it.
                                                          • Go to 118
                                                      2. [118] Lana Beniko: I'll see that a shuttle is prepared for you. May the Force serve you well, Commander.
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
  1. PLAYER: Can you open it?
    • Major Anri: Hmm... doesn't look like it. My authorization code won't cut it. Gonna have to be Malora.
      • Major Anri: Speaking of... we should try to convince her to let us make a play for the Jedi's farming data.
        • Major Anri: If the Jedi could grow food here, they could grow it anywhere--we nab their data and wipe their computers, that could be us instead.
          • Major Anri: We grow more food, we feed more soldiers, we win more battles. Huge advantage.
            1. PLAYER: I couldn't agree more. We'll gather what the Jedi have learned, then make sure they can't use it.
              • Major Anri: I'm seeing why you're so popular, Commander.
                • Go to 101
            2. PLAYER: Our mission is to wipe out the Jedi--if we forget that, or lose focus, we put this operation at risk.
              • Major Anri: Trees instead of forest... whatever you say, Commander.
                • [101] Major Anri: Let's call in a speeder, get this thing back to camp....
                  • Go to 86
  2. [86] Darth Malora: I didn't order any supply drop. I don't like this. Not one bit.
    • Darth Malora: It's a trick. Another distraction. Something sent by a rival, someone trying to undermine the operation. I won't fall for it.
      1. PLAYER: You don't know that for sure. That's possible, but the risk seems very low. Why ignore something that could help?
        • Darth Malora: Why risk anything when we are so close to our goal? No, no... no one is touching this pod.
          • Go to 12
      2. PLAYER: I don't answer to you. Ramble all you want. I'm opening it, one way or another.
        • Darth Malora: No! No, we're so close! The operation is well underway!
          • Go to 12
      3. PLAYER: You're a paranoid fool. So you're not just stupid, but paranoid, too?
        • Darth Malora: Only a fool assumes no one wants them dead.
          • Darth Malora: No, no... no one is going to open this pod. No one is going to touch this pod. The operation is well underway.
            • [12] PLAYER: Your "super soldiers" are out of control.
              • Darth Malora: A minor setback that I have already overcome.
                • Darth Malora: I have formulated a mutative virus that will alter the Geonosians' olfactory membranes and adrenal cortices, making them susceptible to pheromone interventions.
                  • Darth Malora: Once the Geonosians have all been altered by the virus, controlling them will be simple.
                    • Darth Malora: One batch of pheromones on our troops will mark them as friends. Another can be used to guide the creatures toward our enemies.
                      • Darth Malora: We need only infect the Geonosian queen and her six brood-mates with my custom viral strains... that will spread the changes throughout their population.
                        • Darth Malora: I've color-coded the injectors, such that even the simplest minds can employ them. Red for the brood-mates, blue for the queen.
                          • Darth Malora: The queen's body mass is significantly larger, with a proportionally stronger immune system. Multiple doses will be essential to achieve the necessary viral load.
                            • Darth Malora: Of course, accessing the queen's chambers will be a challenge. Suicidal, even, if her three bodyguard drones aren't killed first.
                              • Darth Malora: We'll need to lure them away and kill them apart from the queen. A subharmonic interphasing emitter should draw their attention quite effectively. Now, where to find one....
                                • Darth Malora: No! Impossible! You... died!
                                  • Darth Malgus: I am Darth Malgus. I speak with the full power of the Sith Empire. And I am in command, now.
                                    • Darth Malgus: You... I wasn't expecting you to be a part of this operation. I trust you share our goal: the complete eradication of all Jedi on this planet.
                                      1. PLAYER: I'm glad to work with you. It will be an honor to fight by your side again.
                                        1. Darth Malgus: Unexpected words, from the one who cast me to my death. But I accept them.
                                          • Go to 52
                                        2. Darth Malgus: With our combined strength, there are none who can oppose us.
                                          • Go to 52
                                      2. PLAYER: What, no grudge? Yes--but I destroyed your uprising. Defeated you in battle. I have a hard time believing that none of that matters to you.
                                        • Go to 42
                                      3. PLAYER: What, no grudge? Sure--but I took down your uprising, and you along with it. Doesn't seem like you'd forgive and forget so easily.
                                        • [42] Darth Malgus: You have proven your strength. Beyond that, our past dealings are irrelevant.
                                          • Go to 52
                                      4. PLAYER: Alive, after all? Malora wasn't the only one who thought you were dead.
                                        • Darth Malgus: I was--or near enough. But that isn't important now.
                                          • Go to 52
                                      5. PLAYER: You aren't taking charge--I am. I think this operation would be better off with me running things.
                                        • Darth Malgus: These are Imperial troops, operating an Imperial base--they are not yours to command.
                                          • [52] Darth Malgus: Too much time has been wasted already. We will begin by blinding and silencing our enemy. Who is the ranking military officer?
                                            • Major Anri: Here, my lord. Major Anri.
                                              • Darth Malgus: All Jedi communications and sensors must be jammed before we attack. Take as many soldiers as you need to complete this task.
                                                • Major Anri: I'll only need one person to get that job done. Commander--would you be so kind?
                                                  1. PLAYER: Gladly. Let's get this operation back on track.
                                                    • Go to 64
                                                  2. PLAYER: Do you approve, Malgus? As long as Lord Malgus doesn't have other plans for me.
                                                    • Darth Malgus: I do not. We should all be as wise as the major in choosing our allies.
                                                      • [64] Major Anri: Ready when you are, Commander.
                                                  3. PLAYER: [Taunt Malgus] I'd be glad to do something useful so that Malgus can focus on his posturing.
                                                    • Darth Malgus: I'll be assessing the progress made before my arrival. I'm sure, with your help, it was extensive.
                                                      • Major Anri: And, on that note... ready when you are, Commander.
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
  1. Master Gnost-Dural: Kao Cen Darach... Ven Zallow....
    1. Master Gnost-Dural: Nomen Karr... Darth Baras... Tenebrae....
      • Go to 8
    2. Master Gnost-Dural: Darth Zash... Darth Thanaton... Tenebrae....
      • Go to 8
    3. Master Gnost-Dural: Kellian Jarro... Jun Seros... Tenebrae....
      • Go to 8
    4. Master Gnost-Dural: Darth Jadus... Tenebrae... dozens of others I could never confirm....
      • [8] Master Gnost-Dural: It seems I'll be meeting my fate in distinguished company....
        • Darth Malgus: Left to me, this library would be your grave, Jedi. But your fate is in the Commander's hands.
          1. PLAYER: He will be a valuable prisoner. This Jedi knows everything there is to know about our enemies. He's much more valuable alive.
            • Darth Malgus: Very shrewd. He will "educate" us in ways he never imagined.
              • Darth Malgus: Take him away. Have the other surviving troops rally outside.
                • Imperial Soldier: Right away, my lord!
                  • Go to 25
          2. PLAYER: Kill him. I'd say you have the right idea. Kill him before he bores us to death with another lecture.
            • Darth Malgus: We've finished here. Rally the surviving troops outside.
              • Imperial Soldier: Yes, my lord!
                • [25] Darth Malgus: Starfighters...
                  • PLAYER: Bombers--they're attacking the camp!
                    • Darth Malgus: Major--all troops--return to base at once!
                      • Go to 34
  2. [34] Darth Malgus: Our losses, Major?
    1. Major Anri: Bad. Very bad, my lord. Too many to count... not to mention gear, supplies, our fighter escorts... going to be hard to hold this position.
      • Darth Malgus: Then these troops will work hard. We have won a great victory today--we will not be chased from this world so soon.
        1. Go to 46
        2. Go to 47
    2. Major Anri: We lost a lot of equipment, some gear and supplies... several of our troops stationed on lookout. But it could've been much, much worse.
      • Darth Malgus: Then we stand our ground. We have won a great victory today--this trifling attack will not chase us away.
        1. [46] Darth Malgus: Major--see that Gnost-Dural is transported to the holding facility at Vaiken Spacedock.
          • Go to 50
        2. [47] Darth Malgus: Major--see that images of Gnost-Dural's corpse are transmitted to the enemy.
          • [50] Major Anri: Aye, my lord. Commander--thank you for everything. It's been a real honor.
            1. PLAYER: I feel the same way. Likewise, Major. I hope we can work together again someday.
              • Major Anri: Fine by me--all this fighting's easy with you around. So long.
                • Go to 56
            2. PLAYER: [Flirt] Keep in touch. If you ever need my help again... I'm all yours.
              • Major Anri: Well... I just may. Farewell.
                • Go to 56
            3. PLAYER: Whatever, get lost. I'm so glad. Get moving, Major.
              • Major Anri: Yeah. Right away.
                • [56]
                  1. Imperial Soldier: My lord! Incoming broadcast from Empress Acina!
                    1. Empress Acina: Malgus. I'm told you have a rather intriguing gift for me?
                      • Darth Malgus: Indeed, Empress. A Jedi Master: Gnost-Dural. Their order's historian, with vast knowledge of both Jedi and Republic operations.
                        • Empress Acina: A worthy prize! Though I've learned of another--one of equal value to the war ahead.
                          • Go to 119
                    2. Empress Acina: Malgus. I'm told you've completed your task in customarily ruthless fashion?
                      • Darth Malgus: We have slain countless Jedi, including the overseer of this colony: Gnost-Dural. His loss will cut our enemies deeply.
                        • Empress Acina: Impressive work, indeed. But I've learned of an equally fascinating opportunity.
                          • [119] Empress Acina: Though it appears to have escaped your notice, the Jedi successfully raised numerous crops on that dead planet.
                            • Empress Acina: Whatever techniques they applied there could have been seized and applied to generate plentiful food for our troops in this time of severe shortages.
                              1. Empress Acina: Fortunately, the Alliance Commander was more attentive, and captured the data from the Jedi computers. Well done, Commander--you've ensured a strong Imperial military for years to come.
                                • PLAYER: I'm glad that I could be of service, Empress.
                                  • Go to 127
                              2. Empress Acina: Unfortunate that you could not secure such valuable data. Our soldiers tend to win more battles when they're sure of their next meal.
                                • [127] Darth Malgus: And what of the remaining Jedi, Empress?
                                  • Empress Acina: Our ships have detected shuttles evacuating in droves. They will intercept as many as possible, and we will leave a meager force to protect against further incursions.
                                    • Empress Acina: Your mission on Ossus is over. Return to me at once, so that we may... prepare you for your next assignment.
                                      • Empress Acina: Commander--your assistance is, as always, deeply appreciated. The Sith Empire is made stronger by its ties to your Alliance.
                                        • Empress Acina: Our renewed war against the Republic has only just begun--but I am certain that you will become our greatest asset in the battles to come. Farewell.
                                          • Go to 139
                  2. Imperial Soldier: My lord! Incoming broadcast from Emperor Vowrawn!
                    1. Emperor Vowrawn: Malgus! How delightful. Is it true that you've acquired a special new guest for our interrogators?
                      • Darth Malgus: That is correct, Emperor. Gnost-Dural, a Jedi Master and expert in Republic personnel and operations, is now our prisoner.
                        • Emperor Vowrawn: Delicious. I hope to have a chance to speak with him myself. But there's something else I've been hoping for as well.
                          • Go to 151
                    2. Emperor Vowrawn: Malgus! Splendid. The dark side roils about you as deeply as ever. I take that to mean you've had a... productive day?
                      • Darth Malgus: Yes, Emperor. Countless Jedi lie dead, including the leader of their colony here, Master Gnost-Dural. His death will shake them to their core.
                        • Emperor Vowrawn: I do enjoy it when you savor your work so fully. But there is something more.
                          • [151] Emperor Vowrawn: Farms! Not as intriguing as our eternal enemies, perhaps, but a crucial element in any wartime logistical structure. Soldiers must be fed, after all!
                            • Emperor Vowrawn: Apparently, the Jedi had extensive farms on Ossus--a world that shouldn't support crops of any kind. How could they have achieved this marvel?
                              1. Emperor Vowrawn: Thanks to the Alliance Commander, our scientists have the answer--data from the Jedi's own computers. Our soldiers shall be well-fed in the campaigns to come.
                                • PLAYER: I'm glad that I could be of service, Emperor.
                                  • Go to 160
                              2. Emperor Vowrawn: Sadly, you did not find the answer. We shall never know how much more vigorously our soldiers might have fought if they only had full bellies to fuel them.
                                • [160] Darth Malgus: And what of the remaining Jedi, Emperor?
                                  • Emperor Vowrawn: The fleet has detected them scattering like insects. We will intercept those we can, and leave a token force behind to defend Ossus from any future trespassers.
                                    • Emperor Vowrawn: For you, dear Malgus, the mission is over. Return at once. We have some... preparations to attend to.
                                      1. Emperor Vowrawn: Now then--Commander. My dear old friend. Where you go, victory is always soon to follow--the aid of your Alliance is much appreciated.
                                        • Go to 170
                                      2. Emperor Vowrawn: Now then--Commander. It is a pleasure to speak with you directly at last. The Sith Empire owes you and your Alliance a great debt of gratitude.
                                        • [170] Emperor Vowrawn: We have only just begun this fresh war with the Republic. But someday soon, when our ultimate triumph comes, I am certain that you will be leading the charge. Farewell.
                                          • [139] Darth Malgus: I must prepare to depart immediately.
                                            1. PLAYER: Be proud of this victory. You've won a major victory today, Malgus. I'm glad I could fight beside you again after all these years.
                                              • Darth Malgus: I... thank you, Commander.
                                                • Go to 180
                                            2. PLAYER: Why do you serve Acina? I can't understand why you're willing to be another one of Acina's servants.
                                              • Go to 179
                                            3. PLAYER: Why do you serve Vowrawn? I can't understand why you would bow to someone like Vowrawn.
                                              • [179] Darth Malgus: You should hope that you never do.
                                                • Go to 180
                                            4. PLAYER: Hope you don't expect a hug. Well... bye.
                                              • Darth Malgus: Hmmph.
                                                • [180] Darth Malgus: Today, we began a war--one that I have already fought twice.
                                                  • Darth Malgus: Twice our Empire has set the galaxy ablaze. Twice we have tried to burn away the hypocrisies and weaknesses of the Republic and their Jedi. Twice we have failed.
                                                    • Darth Malgus: We must not fail again, Commander--for there is precious little tinder left to keep our fire burning.
                                                      • Darth Malgus: Farewell.

Republic storyline

Scene 0
Scene 1
  1. Doc: Haha! It's you! It's really you!
    • Doc: All right, Nadia, cancel the whole evacuation. I don't care what's coming for us, we have got nothing to worry about.
      • Nadia Grell: He's wonderful at introductions, isn't he? I'm Nadia Grell. You were the Battlemaster, weren't you? Back before Zakuul invaded?
        • PLAYER: Yes, that's right.
          1. Doc: And, of course, the only woman who could ever make an honest man out of me. Crushed me as easily as a Sith lord, though... much more pleasantly.
            1. PLAYER: Same old Doc. You always did know just the wrong thing to say.
              • Doc: I want you to do the talking--it's been so long. How did you survive that explosion? What have you been doing?
                • Go to 139
            2. PLAYER: Talk, talk, talk. [Kiss Doc] Shut up and kiss me.
              • Doc: Stars, it's really you... I missed you so much. We were so afraid, everyone was sure that you had... that you didn't make it.
                • [139] Nadia Grell: Doc, I'm---I'm sorry to break this up, but we really need to get these ships ready to go.
                  • Go to 140
            3. PLAYER: [Change the subject] Yes, well... you said you were evacuating? So you know about the Imperials?
              • Go to 136
          2. Doc: Toughest Jedi I ever knew. We took on things you could never even imagine... are you hearing me? I don't care how many Imps are here, they're toast.
            • [140] PLAYER: So you know about the Imperials?
              • Go to 136
  2. Nadia Grell: It's really you! I sensed your presence, but I just couldn't believe... it's you!
    • Doc: Friend of yours, I take it?
      • Nadia Grell: This is my old master! The Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order!
        1. Nadia Grell: The one I've missed so... so much.
          1. PLAYER: It's good to see you again. I was afraid we'd never see each other again. I'm glad to be wrong.
            • Nadia Grell: You found us just in time....
              • Go to 6
          2. PLAYER: I missed you too. [Kiss Nadia] If only I'd known you were here... I'd never have kept you waiting.
            • Nadia Grell: We've been cut off from the galaxy for years, you couldn't have known... it was supposed to keep us hidden....
              • Go to 6
          3. PLAYER: [Change the subject] So... it looks like you're evacuating. I take it you're aware of the Imperials?
            • Go to 136
        2. Nadia Grell: Now that you're here... everything is going to work out.
          • Go to 6
  3. Nadia Grell: Hello there! I'm afraid you're going the wrong direction.
    • PLAYER: I'm the Commander of the Alliance--I've come to help.
      • Doc: Commander of the what? Doesn't matter....
        • [6] PLAYER: This looks like an evacuation... so you know the Imperials are here?
          • [136] Nadia Grell: Yes. We don't know how many there are, but they have serious resources. If they're here, it's for a major fight, and we can't afford to give them one.
            • Doc: Civilians and "non-essentials" are loading up first. Who calls a doctor "non-essential" when there's a fight brewing? You ask me, the Jedi have lost their minds.
              1. PLAYER: I'll sort this out. I'll speak with Master Gnost-Dural--do you know where I can find him?
                • Go to 172
              2. PLAYER: Where's the leader of the Jedi? I'm looking for the one in charge--Gnost-Dural. Do you know where I can find him?
                • [172] Master Gnost-Dural: A guest, looking for me? What a strange day this has been... I'll be with you just in a moment.
                  • Go to 21
              3. PLAYER: What did you end up here, Doc? How exactly did you get mixed up in all this?
                • Doc: I got split up from Kira and Scourge--long story--so I went to find other Jedi. Seemed like the best odds of catching up with them, or you, eventually.
                  • Go to 17
              4. PLAYER: How did you get involved here? If you're not a Jedi, how did you get involved in all this?
                • Doc: Oh, I've been tight with the Jedi for a long time now. Helped them save the galaxy once or twice... no big deal.
                  • [17] Doc: I heard about the colony after it was already built, so I was a latecomer, but they were happy to have a full-time doctor on staff.
                    • Nadia Grell: That was before we got to know him.
                      • Go to 21
              5. PLAYER: I don't have time for this. Save the whining for later, Doc. Take me to Gnost-Dural--now.
                • Go to 36
              6. PLAYER: I don't have time for this. Complain to someone else. I need to talk to the person in charge.
                • [36] Master Gnost-Dural: I'll be happy to oblige you--in just a moment.
                  • [21] Master Gnost-Dural: Doctor Kimble. Nadia. How go the shuttle preparations?
                    • Nadia Grell: We'd be a lot further along if we hadn't borrowed so many of the shuttles' parts for the colony's systems... it's going to be hours before we can launch.
                      1. Doc: We should be calling the whole thing off. Do you know who this is? Hero of Tython, slayer of the Emperor, ring any bells?
                        • Go to 29
                      2. Doc: We should be calling the whole thing off. Don't you recognize a real bar... uh... bar-room-door, when you see one?
                        • Nadia Grell: Barsen'thor....
                          • [29] PLAYER: I command the Alliance, now. We overthrew the Eternal Empire and destroyed the Sith Emperor, once and for all. I've come to help.
                            • Go to 30
                      3. Doc: So, do you know our new arrival? The Commander of the... something or other?
                        • PLAYER: I command the Alliance. We overthrew the Eternal Empire, and now we're helping the Republic--which means helping you.
                          • [30] Doc: Sounds like a lot's happened since we cut our communications.
                            • Master Gnost-Dural: Which helped to keep us hidden all this time.
                              1. Master Gnost-Dural: I am quite familiar with your past service to the Jedi, Commander. And I look forward to updating my journals with your more recent exploits.
                                • Go to 45
                              2. Master Gnost-Dural: Nadia has told me much about you, Barsen'thor. And I look forward to updating my journals to include your new title and accomplishments.
                                • Go to 45
                              3. Master Gnost-Dural: You commanded Havoc Squad for many years, didn't you? I always hoped we could meet so that I could better document your accomplishments.
                                • Go to 45
                              4. Master Gnost-Dural: I've come across you many times in my research, Commander--always in surprising places. I create and maintain the Jedi Order's historical records.
                                • [45] Master Gnost-Dural: It's probably time you had a chapter all your own--but that will have to wait.
                                  • Master Gnost-Dural: The Sith are on our doorstep. I formed this colony to safeguard the Jedi and their teachings for the future... now, we must abandon it to serve that same goal.
                                    • PLAYER: Republic reinforcements are coming. We just have to hold out until they get here.
                                      • Master Gnost-Dural: We welcome any help they can offer. But until they arrive, our plan must remain the same: we have to get these shuttles ready as soon as possible.
                                        1. PLAYER: Where will you go next? Do you have a new hiding place in mind?
                                          • Master Gnost-Dural: Somewhere further, more remote. I once read claims of a forgotten Jedi world deep within the Unknown Regions... perhaps we'll seek it out.
                                            • Go to 196
                                        2. PLAYER: You don't trust the Republic? You don't seem convinced that help is on the way. You don't think the Republic will come?
                                          • Master Gnost-Dural: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
                                            • Go to 196
                                        3. PLAYER: Dont run away--fight! If the Sith are here, we should destroy them. Not run away.
                                          • Master Gnost-Dural: Employing the same singleminded, oblivious thirst for blood as our enemies will not keep the Jedi whole for generations to come.
                                            • Go to 196
                                        4. PLAYER: Don't run away--fight! I always heard the Jedi were the best--not the kind of people to break rank and run as soon as the enemy shows up.
                                          • Master Gnost-Dural: Even you must have retreated from unfavorable odds at least once, Commander.
                                            • Go to 196
                                        5. PLAYER: Guess I wasted a trip then. So... you just want some help moving boxes, or...?
                                          • Doc: I wouldn't mind a hand.
                                            • [196] Tau Idair: Perimeter alarms--they're coming again. I'm on my way to handle it.
                                              • Master Gnost-Dural: Hmm... yes. Take backup this time.
                                                • Tau Idair: Backup?
                                                  • Tau Idair: Got all the backup I need right here.
                                                    • Master Gnost-Dural: Commander? This is Tau Idair, our head of security. Would you be willing to join her in holding off the enemy as we complete our preparations?
                                                      1. PLAYER: Of course. Whatever's out there, we can handle it. Do what you need to do.
                                                        • Go to 91
                                                      2. PLAYER: Can Doc come too? Could I bring Doc along as well? We make a great team.
                                                        • Go to 83
                                                      3. PLAYER: Can Nadia come too? I'd like to bring Nadia along as well--we've fought together countless times in the past.
                                                        • Go to 83
                                                      4. PLAYER: Can I bring Doc or Nadia? Not knowing what we're up against, I'd be glad to have a medic or another Jedi backing us up.
                                                        • Go to 83
                                                      5. PLAYER: Can I bring Nadia or Doc? Having another Jedi wouldn't hurt--and a doctor always comes in handy.
                                                        • [83] Master Gnost-Dural: Tau? What do you think?
                                                          • Tau Idair: Sensors aren't picking up a major push. Could even be a feint, so we shouldn't over-commit.
                                                            • Tau Idair: Either way, sending the two of us is overkill already--Doc and Nadia should help cover the farming crews.
                                                              • Master Gnost-Dural: We'll leave you to it then. May the Force be with you.
                                                                1. Go to 95
                                                                2. Go to 93
                                                                3. Go to 96
                                                                4. Go to 201
                                                                5. Go to 101
                                                      6. PLAYER: Sure, if she's actually good. Let's see if she's got the skills to back up that attitude.
                                                        • Tau Idair: You must have lots of friends.
                                                          • [91] Master Gnost-Dural: We'll leave you to it, then. Nadia, Doctor Kimble--let's see how the farming crews are doing.
                                                            1. [95] Doc: We're going to catch up when this is all over, gorgeous. Believe it.
                                                              • PLAYER: I promise.
                                                                • Go to 101
                                                            2. [93] Doc: I'll find you later--I've got to hear what you've been up to!
                                                              • Go to 101
                                                            3. [96] Nadia Grell: We'll be together again before we know it. Stay safe.
                                                              • PLAYER: You too.
                                                                • Go to 101
                                                            4. [201] Nadia Grell: Once we're through all of this, you owe me a lot of stories.
                                                              • Go to 101
                                                            5. [101] PLAYER: What did your sensors pick up? Imperial Soldiers? Sith?
                                                              • Tau Idair: Neither. The Imps are just toying with us. The Old Man's pretty sure they're being led by a Sith named Malora.
                                                                • Tau Idair: Malora's into biology, genetic manipulation, Sith alchemy, blah, blah, blah... she makes monsters. For us, she's cooked up some kind of mutated Geonosians.
                                                                  • Tau Idair: Hyper-aggressive, heavily armored, psychotic Geonosians. With weapons. Making their way toward the colony in swarms.
                                                                    1. PLAYER: And you aren't worried? That doesn't really sound like you're being toyed with.
                                                                      • Tau Idair: The mutants are brutal, and tough in a fight, but they aren't strategic. If the Imps were serious about it, they could destroy us faster without the storybook monsters.
                                                                        • Go to 116
                                                                    2. PLAYER: What about the Sith in charge? You said Gnost-Dural had an idea about who's running the operation--Malora?
                                                                      • Tau Idair: He's got profiles on all of the major Sith, their specialties, favorite meals, everything. If he says it's Malora, odds are he's right.
                                                                        • Tau Idair: She doesn't care about strategy or conquests; she wants to control life itself. For Malora, war is just a test for her creations.
                                                                          • Go to 116
                                                                    3. PLAYER: Lucky for you that I showed up. Sounds like you'll definitely need my help.
                                                                      • Tau Idair: Haven't so far.
                                                                        • [116] Tau Idair: Ossus is riddled with old, buried ruins--the mutants like to cut through them to approach unseen.
                                                                          • Tau Idair: We get out there and collapse a few tunnels, they'll be cut off and the colonists will have a lot more time to move.
                                                                            • PLAYER: Then let's get to it.
                                                                              • Tau Idair: After you... Commander.
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
  1. Darth Malora: Fools... ignorant fools....
    • Tau Idair: He's alive... barely, but... he's alive!
      • Darth Malora: Truly? Hah... Lord Malgus has lost his edge.
        • PLAYER: Malgus?
          • Darth Malora: Oh, yes. This is all his handiwork... I would never make such a mess of a library, even one belonging to Jedi.
            • Darth Malora: Malgus usurped my entire operation. A veritable ballet of predatory evolution, discarded in favor of the bludgeoning fists of a toddler.
              1. PLAYER: That's impossible. Malgus is dead--I was there.
                • Darth Malora: Apparently you should have been more thorough. Malgus is alive, here, on this planet.
                  • Go to 99
              2. PLAYER: That's impossible. Malgus died years ago.
                • Darth Malora: Apparently it didn't take. Malgus is alive, here, on this planet.
                  • [99] Darth Malora: Though, "operational" might be more accurate... a machine with pieces of a desiccated Sith lord bolted into it hardly deserves to be called "alive".
                    • Darth Malora: Life is far more variable, more adaptable... capable of true change, and thus true power. The Force is life, and only life can truly command its depths!
                      • Tau Idair: Will you shut up?
                        • Tau Idair: Malgus or not, we have to get the Old Man back to the colony. Now.
                          1. PLAYER: Agreed. We'll find a way to move him safely, and head straight for the colony.
                            • Tau Idair: The dig team used hoversleds when they were working in here--we'll find one and use that to carry him.
                              • Go to 23
                          2. PLAYER: We could bring Doc here. It may not be safe to move him--we should find a way to bring Doc here.
                            • Tau Idair: You might be right, but... blast it, comms are still jammed!
                              • Go to 23
                          3. PLAYER: He isn't the priority. Stabilize him as best you can, but if Malgus is here, taking him down has to be our first priority.
                            • Tau Idair: No. No! We are not losing him!
                              1. [23] Darth Malora: You realize Malgus is on his way to burn your colony to the ground, yes? He could hardly say he finished my work if he leaves it standing.
                                • Darth Malora: That would be them now.
                                  • Imperial Pilot: Thirty seconds to objective, my lord.
                                    • Imperial Pilot: Enemy fighters! Evade!
                                      • PLAYER: Those are Republic fighters!
                                        • Go to 121
                              2. Doc: Tau? Tau, are you reading me?
                                • Tau Idair: Doc! You broke through the jamming! We need you at the library, now!
                                  • Doc: Wish I could, but I'm staring at a lot of very mean looking Imps who seem pretty determined to kill us all and burn the colony down.
                                    • Darth Malora: That would be Malgus with the rest of my soldiers.
                                      • Doc: We're going to hold out as long as we can, but... it doesn't look good.
                                        • Tau Idair: We'll never make it back there in time to help...
                                          • PLAYER: Wait... listen.
                                            • PLAYER: Republic fighters!
                                              • [121] Tau Idair: They made it! They actually made it!
                                                • General Daeruun: Good afternoon, Commander! Before you ask, rest assured--I brought tea.
                                                  1. PLAYER: It's great to see you! You have great timing, General. We can't thank you enough.
                                                    • General Daeruun: I only wish we could have been here sooner.
                                                      • Go to 134
                                                  2. PLAYER: [Flirt] Great timing. I have to say, General: you know how to make an entrance.
                                                    • General Daeruun: I have frequently considered an alternate career in the theater.
                                                      • Go to 134
                                                  3. PLAYER: Where the hell were you? It's about time, Daeruun! Do you have any idea how long we've been waiting?
                                                    • General Daeruun: Longer than I ever hoped. I do apologize.
                                                      • [134] Tau Idair: Can you bring medics to our position? We have urgently wounded people here.
                                                        • General Daeruun: Right away. We'll evacuate everyone to the colony--medical and support teams are landing as we speak. Daeruun out.
                                                          • Darth Malora: I'll... just be going, then....
                                                            • Tau Idair: I don't remember saying you could leave.
                                                              • Darth Malora: Taking me prisoner will waste time and personnel that you'll need to treat the wounded--like your friend here. I'm sure I'm not worth the effort.
                                                                1. PLAYER: You're coming with us. I think a prisoner like you could tell us a lot of interesting things about Malgus and the Empire's plans.
                                                                  • Darth Malora: Ugh... tiresome.
                                                                    • Go to 40
                                                                2. PLAYER: I agree. [Kill Malora] You know something? You're absolutely right.
                                                                  • Darth Malora: Argh!
                                                                    • Tau Idair: I guess I'm not really the best person to lecture you for killing Sith lords... let's just get out of here.
                                                                      • Go to 40
  2. [40]
    1. General Daeruun: Thanks to the distress calls, we were able to sweep in and pick up all of the evacuation shuttles before the Empire could deploy pickup teams of their own.
      • Tau Idair: That's a huge relief. We can never thank you enough, General.
        • General Daeruun: All too happy to help.
          • Go to 57
    2. General Daeruun: Four evacuation shuttles are still missing in the Cron Drift. Imperial patrols have increased dramatically... it's likely they were captured or destroyed. If only they had signalled....
      • Tau Idair: We honestly didn't think anyone would answer.
        • General Daeruun: I understand. If we could have just gotten here sooner... much could have been different.
          • [57] General Daeruun: All evacuees will be transported to safety in Republic space. I know of some settlements on Taanab that could put good farmers to use, if any are interested.
            1. PLAYER: Thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated, General.
              1. Go to 192
              2. Go to 195
            2. PLAYER: Will you try to hold Ossus? Are you going to keep enough troops here to fight off any Imperial reinforcements?
              • General Daeruun: We'll establish a forward listening post here, secure the colony perimeter, but I can't spare more than that. We're too close to Imperial lines to risk a full garrison.
                1. Go to 192
                2. Go to 195
            3. PLAYER: You can do better. I'd have expected you to do more. A few bombers and a cab ride? Really?
              • General Daeruun: I wish I could do more, but with resources as they are... just gathering enough fuel to get us out here was a huge undertaking.
                1. [192] General Daeruun: Speaking of farms, I have already forwarded your data to a friend of mine, an outstanding Shah-tezh player from the Agriculture Administration.
                  • General Daeruun: They tell me the information from your farms is likely to revolutionize our entire logistical structure. Countless millions may be fed thanks to your efforts.
                    • PLAYER: I'm glad I could help.
                      • Go to 64
                2. [195] General Daeruun: Speaking of farms, I'm told you have a collection of data from the colonists' farming efforts?
                  • PLAYER: We were able to save a copy, but the data was corrupted. Whatever got to the farm's computers got to their data, too. It's useless.
                    • General Daeruun: Such a tremendous shame. Food shortages are already an issue on many core worlds. It's very difficult to win a war on an empty stomach.
                      • Tau Idair: Our people spent half a decade bringing those farms to life... this is going to crush them.
                        • [64] Tau Idair: Any chance your fighters got Malgus in their attack?
                          • General Daeruun: It's possible, but... it seems a bit too much to hope for.
                            • General Daeruun: Darth Malgus, back on the front lines... this is a dark day for the Republic. We caught him off guard this time--I doubt we'll be so lucky again.
                              1. PLAYER: We can handle him. We beat Malgus before. We can beat him again.
                                • General Daeruun: With your help, I believe it.
                                  • Go to 180
                              2. PLAYER: It can't really be Malgus. I still don't see how it's possible. Malgus died. This has to be some kind of trick.
                                • Tau Idair: I didn't sense any deception in Malora. And a few of the Imps we captured confirmed her story. However he managed it... Malgus is alive.
                                  • Go to 180
                              3. PLAYER: So find him--now! Sitting here talking about him won't solve anything. Get your troops out there, find Malgus, and I'll handle him myself.
                                • General Daeruun: We barely have the resources to evacuate, and attempting a search will only spread our troops and make them easy targets. We fight Malgus another day.
                                  • [180] Tau Idair: Is he all right? Did he make it?
                                    • Doc: Gnost-Dural's wounds were severe. Cauterized perforation of the upper ventricle, ocular damage from oxygen exposure, catastrophic muscular and nerve damage to the left forearm....
                                      • Doc: Fortunately, he received treatment from the most brilliant, skilled, and handsome doctor in the entire galaxy, so he's going to pull through.
                                        1. PLAYER: Wonderful! That's great to hear. Good work, Doc.
                                          • Doc: Anyone else need patching up? I am on a roll.
                                            • Go to 203
                                        2. PLAYER: I expected no less. You've worked your magic as always.
                                          • Doc: Glad I could prove that I haven't lost my edge.
                                            • Go to 203
                                        3. PLAYER: So you're good after all. At least you have the skills to back up that ego.
                                          • Doc: With plenty to spare, I assure you.
                                            • Go to 203
                                        4. PLAYER: Spare us your self-obsession. There must not have been any mirrors in the room, or you would have never made it past your reflection to the operating table.
                                          • [203] Tau Idair: Thank you, Doc. I mean it.
                                            • Doc: It's what I do.
                                              • Nadia Grell: The soldiers are still digging through some of the worst of the damage to the library.
                                                • Nadia Grell: Toril, Rana, and Zee are still missing, and... I can't sense them. That makes fifteen. I'll update again when we've finished clearing the rubble.
                                                  • Tau Idair: The Old Man was right to bring us here. We needed this time to heal... and to remember what makes us Jedi.
                                                    • Tau Idair: We've hidden long enough. The evil of the Sith doesn't stop just because we aren't there to oppose them. Quite the opposite.
                                                      • Tau Idair: I'm no master. I can't speak for the Order. But I can say this: the Republic needs the help of the Jedi. So let me be the first to volunteer.
                                                        • General Daeruun: I am deeply honored to accept. I'll have quarters prepared for any Jedi who wish to join you aboard my flagship.
                                                          • Tau Idair: We're already packed--and I think this will end up being a much more worthy destination.
                                                            • Tau Idair: Commander--thank you. Without you, this would have been a much darker day for us all.
                                                              1. PLAYER: I'm glad to be with Jedi again. I'm glad I could be here, Tau. Reuniting with the Jedi has been long overdue.
                                                                • Tau Idair: With you around, I think it's safe to say the future of the Jedi is a bright one.
                                                                  • Go to 249
                                                              2. PLAYER: I'm glad to help the Jedi. I'm always glad to help out the Jedi.
                                                                • Tau Idair: We're lucky to have friends like you.
                                                                  • Go to 249
                                                              3. PLAYER: [Flirt] Keep in touch. Let's stay in contact--I'd love to get to know you sometime when we aren't fighting for our lives.
                                                                • Tau Idair: I think I might like that too.
                                                                  • Go to 249
                                                              4. PLAYER: Will you survive without me? I probably won't be there next time--and this war is only going to get worse from here.
                                                                • Tau Idair: I don't plan to wait around for the Sith to attack again.
                                                                  • [249] Tau Idair: May the Force be with you.
                                                                    • General Daeruun: "When the dawn came the Zhell awakened and saw the Taungs upon the high place and were afraid..."
                                                                      • General Daeruun: "...for the morning light caught the glint of helms and weapons and created phantom warriors, made of dazzle and distance."
                                                                        • General Daeruun: "But the cleverest of them were not deceived..."
                                                                          • General Daeruun: The Empire thought they could make this a grand first strike in their renewed war against us.
                                                                            • General Daeruun: They hoped to destroy the Jedi--to destroy us with fear before we ever faced them in open battle. Thanks to you, they failed.
                                                                              • General Daeruun: The Jedi are renewed allies of the Republic. Our people have seen that the Sith are vulnerable whenever we stand united.
                                                                                • General Daeruun: This war will be dark and brutal and vicious. But we will stand against that darkness together. And together, we will win.