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Corellian Sector

Although individuals from many planets and species live in the Corellian Sector, it's humans of Corellian descent who made the area what it is today: a pro-Republic criminal's paradise. There is no cargo that can't be offloaded here and no job so dirty that someone won't take it. The families of migrant workers live alongside grizzled Republic veterans who settled on Nar Shaddaa to retire in style, happily turning a blind eye to the darker activities around them.

Over the past decade, the gangs and pirates of the Corellian Sector have become overshadowed by the presence of the Exchange. Once a group mentioned primarily in HoloNet information crime reports, the Exchange crime syndicate has found an army of able recruits on Nar Shaddaa willing to back its slicers and spice-refiners with muscle--much to the dismay of the Hutt Cartel.