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Horizon's Razor

One of the oldest crews in the swoop world, the riders of Horizon's Razor have been blazing past the competition for decades. Who founded Horizon's Razor is knowledge lost to time, as the Razors don't have leaders. Instead, they tend to follow whoever is the fastest rider in the current moment.

A lack of organized hierarchy has caused many dilemmas for the crew. Foolhardy behavior and disagreements that turn to infighting are commonplace. In their most recent predicament, the Razors pushed themselves into an interminable debt after placing many ill-advised and risky bets.

Despite the instability within the crew, Horizon's Razor has no shortage of faithful fans who are completely enamored by these riders and their daredevil speed. Many have even been known to help the Razors out of tricky situations.

Whispers are spreading that the Razors have come to the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally not only to impress, but to climb their way out of the trouble they find themselves in. Could this Rally be the comeback Horizon's Razor has been waiting for?