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Kel Dor

The Kel Dor are a humanoid species noted for a physical appearance others diplomatically describe as "an acquired taste." In addition to unattractive facial features, Kel Dor wear elaborate mask-like breathing apparatuses when entering oxygen-rich environments. The combination of their alien appearance and strange technology leads unenlightened beings to naturally mistrust Kel Dor.

Thousands of years before they joined the Galactic Republic, Kel Dor developed their own Force-using order of "Baran Do Sages." These men and women advised rich and powerful families, using the Force to guide their patrons to strength and prosperity. However, the Baran Do Sages faded into obscurity once the Jedi took over training the Force-sensitive Kel Dor.

Kel Dor inhabit all walks of Republic life, from powerful Jedi Masters to lowlife bounty hunters. Culturally, they tend to view life in black-and-white terms. Kel Dor aren't above acts of vigilantism, meting out personal justice if they believe a grievance warrants it.