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Maelstrom Prison

Located along the Relgim Run, the vast Maelstrom Nebula has hampered navigators and explorers for centuries; the nebula's unpredictable electromagnetic radiation means the safe routes through the Maelstrom change every few minutes. When the Empire came into possession of an ancient Gree computer capable of calculating safe passage through the Maelstrom, however, Imperial strategists decided the nebula would be the perfect location to house high-risk prisoners.

The Maelstrom Prison is a massive space station that uses both modern and ancient methods of containment. Intelligence recovered by the Republic SIS suggests some chambers were built according to specifications provided by the Emperor himself. The exact number of prisoners held is unknown, but tentative projections put the number at less than thirty; this, in turn, suggests that freeing any of the inmates would be a significant blow to the Empire.