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Mon Calamari

Hailing from the oceanic planet Dac, the amphibious Mon Calamari are among the Republic's most creative and intelligent member species. Many famous inventors, artists, military leaders and Jedi have emerged from this people. Less noble-minded Mon Calamari have made equally successful criminals and gangsters.

Physically, Mon Calamari possess dome-like heads, large eyes and long webbed hands. They are fast swimmers who can hold their breath for long periods, although wounded or panicked Mon Calamari are still capable of drowning. Their eyes can swivel independently, allowing them to focus on two different areas simultaneously.

Despite only joining the Republic within the last millennia, Mon Calamari have earned a reputation for being its most enthusiastic supporters. Folk wisdom says that when a Mon Calamari joins a cause, its eventual victory is assured. Although they are not a warlike race by nature, Mon Calamari are more than willing to fight for ideals they believe in.