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Revanite Compound

Outsiders in Sith society, followers of the philosophies of the mysterious Darth Revan meet in a hidden enclave in the jungles of Dromund Kaas, submitting any who want to join them to rigorous tests to establish their loyalty and sincerity.

Originally, the Revanites met in Kaas City to study Revan's teachings, but as suspicions arose about the Revanites' loyalties to the Emperor and the Dark Council, they were forced to conceal their activities. At first, they took shelter in the compound of a prominent Sith Lord, but when that Sith was assassinated (presumably for supporting the Revanites), they were forced to relocate their sacred texts and relics and build their sanctuary in the jungle.

Revanites inside the Imperial military and the Sith have kept the compound from appearing on most scans of the area. Explorers who stumble upon the compound are rarely heard from again.