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The Foundry

Built into a massive asteroid in a long-forgotten star system, the Foundry is an engineering marvel. According to data obtained by Imperial Intelligence, the Foundry has at least twelve manufacturing levels capable of producing thousands of droids. Vast tunnels honeycombing the asteroid suggest automated mining droids were used to pick the interior clean of any useful ores. The Imperial Reclamation Service believes the Foundry now uses a network of tractor beams to capture and break apart nearby asteroids, providing raw materials for its endless mass production.

The Foundry appears to be at least twenty to thirty thousand years old, built by a long-forgotten alien species. Its specifications resemble those of three other space stations discovered by the Empire, each possessing vast power--one, the "Star Forge," constructed fleets of warships, while another was capable of xenoforming entire planets. The extent of the Foundry's production capabilities are as yet unknown, but if history is any guide, the station could change the galaxy.