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The Hidden Jedi Colony on Ossus

With the Jedi in tatters after years of war against the Sith and Zakuul, Master Gnost-Dural feared that the order was on the verge of total destruction. To preserve the Jedi and their teachings for the future, he secretly gathered the allies and resources necessary to establish a hidden colony on Ossus, hoping that the planet's obscurity and remoteness would provide ample protection.

The colony has flourished beyond even Gnost-Dural's greatest hopes; innovative environmental reclamation techniques have allowed farming and water purification on a planet that otherwise supported little if any life.

Perhaps the only major challenge the colony faced before the Sith invasion was the decision to remain out of communications. Although heavily debated by the colonists and Jedi alike, Gnost-Dural ultimately insisted that the colony remain as cut-off from the larger galaxy as possible, and it has remained in total isolation for years.



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