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Three Families Palace

Freed from the Hutt Cartel's watchful eye, the Three Families have grown immensely wealthy on Quesh--and as their influence grows, the Three Families have begun solidifying their power base. A large portion of their profits from the adrenal refineries was spent building a lavish palace, complete with all modern conveniences and an impressive security network. Much more than a simple defensive position or status symbol, the Three Families Palace is intended to be a clear statement that the Three Families are wholly committed to defending Quesh.

The Palace has generally been kept off-limits to Republic personnel, especially the local military officials. This is partly for security reasons, as the Three Families keep their sensitive files close at hand. Portho the Hutt's indulgence in adrenals has also become something of an embarrassment in recent years. After several inappropriate comments from Portho to the Republic commanders, the Three Families prefer to simply keep him out of sight.