File names

The .tor archives from SWTOR store only the file hashes, not the original file names. However, knowing these file names is essential for data mining, therefore our ongoing effort is to discover all of them.

On this page you can find an overview of our progress. It is automatically updated whenever a new file name is discovered or a game patch introduces new file hashes.

Live & PTS851,511850,54396899.89%87 MB
Beta588,437571,46816,96997.12%59 MB
All1,439,9481,422,01117,93798.75%146 MB

To report a new file name, open your game assets in file reader, press Ctrl+O and enter the file name. If it is valid, it will automatically be added to this page.

Live & Public Test Server file names

Last discovery: Jan 22, 2024

464 newest file names

Beta file names

Last discovery: Jan 13, 2024

558 newest file names