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Sword Squadron Unit 1 <Revanite Assault Walker>

Level 60 | Champion | Walker


Passives (5)

Passive abilities are applied as soon as the NPC spawns. They usually add certain buffs to the NPC.

Abilities (9)

NPCs always use the abilities with the highest priority. If an ability is not available (because it is still on cooldown or the conditions are not met), then the NPC tries to use the ability with the second-highest priority, and so on.


Mega Blast

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​atst_1.​enrage_attack

Mega Blast
none1s cast70 m999


Ability must be set in pkgabilitiestable. At health threshold, NPC is instructed to execuite the HYD hook for that health percent. HYD script must be set on SPN spec of NPC.

FQN: abl.​npc.​ability.​utility.​trigger_25_health

50m 0sinstant100 m700

Emergency Shielding

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​logic.​shield

Emergency Shielding


FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​logic.​spawn_add_mine

45sinstant70 m200


FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​logic.​spawn_add

45sinstant70 m190

Huge Grenade

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​atst_1.​not_so_huge_grenade

Huge Grenade
30sinstant70 m180

Mega Blast

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​atst_1.​mega_blast

Mega Blast
15s2s castany170

Rapid Fire

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​atst_1.​strafing_attack

Rapid Fire
25s6s channel70 m160

Basic Attack

(Standard attack for Isotope-5 Droid)

FQN: abl.​operation.​yavin_4.​enemy.​boss.​atst.​atst_1.​flurry

Basic Attack
noneinstant70 m100


Loot information

Loot package: 9665997116579040222, 7383706620066534129, 2519792414590517542



3D model
  • Material: atst_walkerrep_a01_v01
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