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Patch 1.5.0 – HK-51 Activated

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Date: 14.11.2012

New objects added in this patch

  • German: 30.3 MB
  • English: 13.21 MB
  • French: 24.88 MB
  • Main: 173.7 MB
  • Client: 30.62 MB

Patch Notes

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Classes and Combat

Group Finder

Missions and NPCs




  • Several emotes are now voiced!
  • Subscribers now have access to 2 additional quickslot bars.
  • Different quickslot bars can no longer be jumped to in the primary quickslot bar if they are already visible in another location on-screen.
  • The deposit for items placed on the GTN is now a percentage of the item's value (instead of being based on the player's set price).
  • Vehicles, mini-pets, weapons, the results of crafting schematics, and color crystals can now be previewed in the item preview window.
  • An additional Cargo Hold can now be purchased.
  • The title selection window is now scrollable. Players can now choose their Legacy name display from this window.
  • A progress bar has been added to the currency pane to indicate player proximity to currency caps.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes