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An Army of One


Story blurb in loading screen


As tensions rise between the Empire and the Republic, Darth Baras sends his enforcer, the powerful young Sith <name>, to secure his network of spies against a mysterious Jedi Padawan who possesses the unique ability to detect a person's true nature. ?

On the Hutt-controlled world of Nar Shaddaa, Darth Baras sends <name> to eliminate his former spy, Agent Dellocon, who has taken refuge under the protection of Baras's hated rival, Lord Rathari. ?

Drawing out Agent Dellocon means forcing Lord Rathari into a confrontation. <name> sets out to single-handedly undermine Lord Rathari's power plays on Nar Shaddaa, breaking a siege between Rathari's forces and the Republic and laying waste to the Sith Lord's soldiers.... ?


CXP: 600