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A Long Lost Hunger5.10.0
Ancient Secrets5.10.0
Back in the Fold5.10.0
Blaze A Trail5.10.0
Canyon Clutter5.10.0
Cleansing Fire5.10.0
Even More Masterwork Crystals5.10.0
Find Gnost Dural Journal5.10.0
Flesh and Steel5.10.0
Friendly Fighters5.10.0
Guild Conquest Reward: Ossus5.10.0
Guild Conquest Reward: Ziost5.10.0
Inflection Point5.10.0
Jaesa Dark Return5.10.0
Large 15.10.0
Large Reward5.10.0
Mechanical Menace5.10.0
Mending Ties5.10.0
Mounting a Defense5.10.0
No Soldier Left Behind5.10.0
Oss Aim Iii5.10.0
Oss Endurance Ii5.10.0
Oss Presence Ii5.10.0
Oss Strength Iii5.10.0
Oss Willpower Ii5.10.0
Ossus Assault5.10.0
Ossus Defense5.10.0
Out of the Warrens5.10.0
Recovering the Past5.10.0
Sabotaging Fighters5.10.0
Secret Demolition5.10.0
Taxi Terminals5.10.0
The Final Conflagration5.10.0
The Lost Colony5.10.0
The Padawan and her Master5.10.0
The State of Things to Come5.10.0
Trading for a Masterwork5.10.0
Under the Ruins5.10.0
Water for All5.10.0
Weekly Event: 8 Medals5.10.0
Weekly Event: Galactic Starfighter5.10.0
Weekly Event: Master Mode Flashpoints5.10.0
Weekly Event: Story Mode Operations5.10.0
Wrench in the Works5.10.0
[DAILY] Blazing Fury5.10.0
[DAILY] Collected History5.10.0
[DAILY] Communication Blackout5.10.0
[DAILY] Crossed Wires5.10.0
[DAILY] Enkindled Knowledge5.10.0
[DAILY] Explosive Intervention5.10.0
[DAILY] Firestorm5.10.0
[DAILY] Front Line Support5.10.0
[DAILY] Know Your Enemy5.10.0
[DAILY] Leave No Jedi Behind5.10.0
[DAILY] Missing Pieces5.10.0
[DAILY] Opening a Channel5.10.0
[DAILY] Patrol: Ossus5.10.0
[DAILY] Patrol: Ossus5.10.0
[DAILY] Perimeter Protection5.10.0
[DAILY] Remembering the Past5.10.0
[DAILY] Scrapyard5.10.0
[DAILY] Sensor Sweep5.10.0
[DAILY] Silencing the Guns5.10.0
[DAILY] Supply Drop5.10.0
[DAILY] The Sacred Artifacts5.10.0
[DAILY] The Science of Darkness5.10.0
[DAILY] Wasteland Terrors5.10.0
[HEROIC 2+] Consume the Light5.10.0
[HEROIC 2+] Expel the Darkness 5.10.0
[HEROIC 2+] Information Appropriation5.10.0
[HEROIC 2+] Into the Hive5.10.0
[HEROIC 4] Hold the Line5.10.0
[HEROIC 4] Supply Heist5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Heroic Missions: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Heroic Missions: Ossus5.10.0
[WEEKLY] Masterwork Data Crystal5.10.0