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5.0 Class Changesover a year ago
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Bioware is making some changes to the conquest system after feedback from the 5.8 revamp. Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes | 03.22.2018, 02:29 PM Hey folks, In this thread we want to cover a few things about Conquests: our goals for the revamp, the feedback we are hearing from all of you, and what we are changing(...)
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Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes
20 hours ago
SWTOR Patch 5.8 Conquest Guide and schedule General Info Conquest has been updated in Patch 5.8 with a new interface and divided between Personal Conquest and Guild Invasions.You will need 20k Conquest points for Personal Rewards. There is no more Conquest schedule and it is now “random” what will show up each week. Each stronghold(...)
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5.8 Conquest Guide and Schedule
3 days ago
SWTOR New Companion Returns (Vector & Ashara) and Arcann Romance now available in Patch 5.8. Arcann Romance (All Classes) The starter quest is Unmasked Regret which is found by pressing N to open up your companions/contacts window. You must have completed KOTET and didn’t kill Arcann (and completed To Find a Findsman). At end of(...)
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New Companion Returns and Romances in Patch 5.8
3 days ago
Bioware is doing a Companion Chaos social media event starting on March 20 on Facebook and Twitter. Choose your side in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration – Starting March 20! Join the #SWTOR Family on SWTOR Facebook and @SWTOR to support your favorite Companion in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration! Show your Loyalty to your favorite companions by voting(...)
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Companion Chaos Celebration and Social Media Voting
3 days ago
SWTOR Patch 5.8 added new armor and weapons in collections. It is unknown if these are going to be included in a future pack or be sold individually. Things might be slowing down a bit for SWTOR if they can’t even maintain the monthly cadence for new packs (last new pack was Jan and it(...)
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New Armor & Weapons in Collections
3 days ago

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