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Skeletal animation in SWTOR255 days ago
5.0 Class Changesover a year ago
Five new datacron locations from Dark vs. Light eventover a year ago
Site updated for Game Update 4.1!over a year ago
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SWTOR Nvidia Rule the Galaxy Giveaway items have been sent out. Check your Nvidia Geforce software (Notification icon) to see if you have received the codes or not. If you have the code, redeem it here: After you redeemed it, you will need to log into SWTOR and check your mail. It should be sent(...)
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Nvidia Rule the Galaxy Giveaway Items
2 days ago
SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Dec 15. Fearsome Rage – 650 CC Desert Scavenger’s Armor Set – 1440 CC Vectron Locust – 1500 CC Defiant Vented Dualsaber – 3600 CC  
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Cartel Market Update – Dec 15
3 days ago
Bioware is taking action against another wave of companion gift exploiters. What is being done about the exploiters who made billions? | 12.13.2017, 11:14 AM Hey folks, Keep in mind that we try to avoid talking about exploits and action taken against players. However, I know there is a bit of concern about this exploit and its(...)
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Bioware taking actions against companion gift exploiters
4 days ago
An overview of the SWTOR Yavin Ruins Warzone map added with Dec 12 Game Update. The Map Yavin Ruins is basically a reskin of the Alderaan Civil War map with identical three point capture mechanics. The difference is the scenery, cross-faction and a speed up mechanic that can turn the tides. Center The central area(...)
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Yavin Ruins Warzone Overview
5 days ago
A guide to Life Day 2017 and Sixth Year Anniversary running from Dec 12 to Jan 16 2018. Six Year Anniversary Running from Dec 12 to Jan 16, 2018. The vendor for this can be found on the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet. The new items for this year are Flair: The(...)
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Life Day 2017 and Six Year Anniversary Guide
5 days ago

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