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5.0 Class Changes319 days ago
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Bioware has released a road map for Patch 5.4 which is being released on August 28. Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap | 07.21.2017, 08:31 PM Hey everyone, We are quite a few weeks away from publishing the next 90 day update for our SWTOR Roadmap. We solidified our content plan and release schedule,(...)
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Patch 5.4 Content Roadmap
4 days ago
Bioware has commented on the Rank 4 Command Crates RNG, saying that the rates of 248 drops havn’t been nerfed. What did you do to the Tier 4 Command Crate RNG?? | 07.20.2017, 08:47 PM Hey folks, I wanted to address some of the questions / concerns here in the thread. First, we have made no adjustments(...)
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Bioware on Rank 4 Command Crates RNG
5 days ago
SWTOR CM Weekly Sales July 18 – July 25 New Items Armed Resistance Pack — 200 CC — History of item Hypercrate: Armed Resistance Pack — 4680 CC — History of item New Discounts Rename: Legacy Name — 400 CC -60% Discount — History of item Strategic Command Walker — 1350 CC -10% Discount —(...)
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CM Weekly Sales July 18 – July 25
8 days ago
SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.3a that fixed some bugs from Patch 5.3. Operations will now show in Group Finder as intended. Corrected an issue where Companions were not receiving Influence when being sent on a Crew Skill Mission. Powertech Advanced Prototype Prototype Missile Silos no longer increases the damage dealt by Deadly Onslaught(...)
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Game Update 5.3a Patch Notes
12 days ago
A guide to Aivela and Esne, the second encounter of Gods from the Machine operation. Story Mode HP (8m) Codex: 109k Nexus: 1.25 mil Aivela/Esne: 4.58 mil Differences from Hardmode Phase 2 No tank swap mechanic No Countermeasure mechanic (they can be ignored entirely) Phase 3 Radiance and Synergy Protocol are there but they can(...)
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Aivela and Esne Operation Boss Guide
13 days ago

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