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CI-M Synapse Accelerator Serum


CI-M Synapse Accelerator Serum

Injects a target with a dose of the experimental CZ-M Synapse Accelerator Serum. When used as directed, this serum grants the user increased runspeed and immunity to movement impairing effects, while also halving tiredness. Injecting a second dose while the first is active will over Overclock and Overload the body.

Overclock: Grants a 100% bonus to Accuracy and Critical Chance, and for Tanking disciplines a 100% bonus to Defense Chance.

Overload: Reduces maximum health by 25%. Receiving an additional dose while Overloaded is fatal.




Used by

Used by
  • apc.operation.dxun.boss.the_holding_pens.player.stim_grant_story

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      - Ability Spec = (int) 16140958261594520830
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      - To Actor = (int) 3