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Kolto Drip


Kolto Drip

Slowly heals the target for <<1>> over <<2[%d/%d/%d]>> seconds and cleanses physical and mental effects each time it heals the target.




Used by

Used by
  • apc.companion.weapon_set.techblade.healer

Related effects, buffs and debuffs

  • [9s]
    underworldmedicineKolto Drip
    Being healed and cleansed periodically.

    • On Apply

    Perform the following actions:

    • Play appearance epp . agent . kolto_probe . buff, dependent on calling effect
    • When effect ticks
    • When effect is applied

    Perform the following actions:

    • Play appearance epp . agent . kolto_probe . heal, dependent on calling effect
    • Heal the TARGET with Tech for 0.61*BonusHeal + 0.031*StandardHealth, causing no threat
    • Dispel 1 effects