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Ancient Proving Grounds

Onderon has seen its fair share of violence and unrest, so much that one of the planet's most culturally important locations was built in reverence to battle. The ancient proving grounds were originally built by Naddist cultists as a place for Sith Lords to compete--often to the death--for the favor of Freedon Nadd.

The proving grounds stayed under Sith control until Onderon's Beast Riders seized the surrounding territory. Undeterred by the traces of dark side energy that remained, the outcasts used the proving grounds as the site of trials a Beast Rider faced before earning the title of Beast-Lord.

Due to Beast-Lord Akoru's neglect in recent years, the proving grounds have been overrun by members of Onderon's noble families and their guards, and the once hallowed spot now serves as a royal retreat. Many nobles return with stories of how they embodied their ancestors' bravery and valor during their visits to the proving grounds, but because of the area's seclusion, few claims can be truly corroborated.